2600hz: Visual Design



As a Design intern at 2600hz, a telecom company, I worked with senior designers to deliver design assets for the 2600hz documents, infographics and illustrations for the company's core product, KAZOO, and helped with design assets for the annual company event KAZOOcon that happened in San Diego, CA, 2018.



Visual Designer, Graphic Designer.


Sketch app, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign.


Visual Designer: KAZOO Product Book & Infographics


What is KAZOO?

I redesigned a product book about the core product of 2600hz, KAZOO. It helped the founders, sales, and marketing team to communicate what is KAZOO and increase the usage of the open source software. According to the company's description of the product:

KAZOO is an advanced carrier grade telecom solution designed to scale effortlessly, with open APIs for developers to build their own integrations and a suite of pre-built applications as well as features that resellers can use immediately -- all packaged in a modern user interface

During the design process, I had weekly meetings with the senior designer to share my work and get feedback.


Pages from “An Architecture Overview of KAZOO” book


Graphic Design: Case Studies, Whitepapers, Datasheets


Previously to this project, 2600hz did not have a Resources section on their website. After delivering all the documentations and templates, they were published and now are available to download on their Resources page.


Visual Design: Illustrations


As part of the design team, I also have opportunities to illustrate the cover image for the 2600hz community online forum and design illustrations for email headers, newsletters, and other digital materials.


Community Banner Illustration. See it live.


Banner Illustration for a Developer's page.


Banner Illustration for email Newsletter.


Visual Design/Graphic Design: KAZOOcon 2018


Close to the end of my internship at 2600hz, I could participate as a designer and staff member to help KAZOOcon 2018 happen in San Diego, CA. Collaborating with a senior designer, I delivered design assets for the event, such as the KAZOOcon t-shirt and 2600hz hoodies (photo), promotional videos for the After Party, and email header designs to help promoting the event.

It was a nice experience to work with everyone at the company and meet other employees that work remotely across the world.




Working as a Design intern at 2600hz was a good experience that taught me about time management and to be always be proactive and take notes during design reviews. I learned how to work in collaboration with the Marketing team and how to communicate with stakeholders.

Thank you for watching!