Product Design: Potluck Party Planner App


Potluck Party Planner App

UX/UI Design // Motion Design


The Party Planner App is a project created for hosts to organize potluck parties, such as a birthday party or a picnic with friends. The Party Planner app helps a host to communicate directly with guests and manage what they are bringing to the party.



UX/UI Designer / Motion Designer.


Sketch app, Illustrator, After Effects


Design Process: User Context

Why an App?

Many people still organize their potluck parties using Google Spreadsheets and sharing by email, but it might be not the best way to keep everyone updated with what guests are bringing to the party.

An app can send notifications to the party host and guests, and it keeps everyone up-to-date with any changes (e.g: Facebook events).



The project started with the idea of creating a better platform to organize a party. When a user creates an event on Facebook, for
example, it let the host set up the event time, date, and invite people to that event.

On the other hand, it has some limitations and it is not possible to assign anything to anyone if the host needs to communicate with the guests and ask them to bring food, drinks, games, speakers, etc.




Design Process: Moodboard


Why Purple?


Purple is a color intermediate between Red and Blue. Purple “combines the reliability of blue and the energy of red.” The app is focusing on potluck parties. It’s a situation that hosts would trust guests to contribute to the party and it’s an activity to socialize with friends as well.


Design Process: Logotype


A toast to celebrate

The logo is inspired by a toast to celebrate a specific person and a moment together with friends, family, whoever comes to the
potluck party.

The rectangle shape is a metaphor for a menu, which content is about the food options you can find at a restaurant, for example. It would be the “menu” of the potluck party. The logo wasn’t the focus of the app at that moment, but it was necessary for the look'n feel. I used Museo Sans Rounded as a typeface for the logo.


 Wireframes & Typeface

UI Designs




Single task user flow: Add a guest and add a new item to this guest. Medium Fidelity Prototype.

What I would do next?

Test prototypes and get feedback from the target audience, UX Researchers, UX/UI Designers, and Software Engineers. 


Motion Design: Assign to a guest


Live-Action Prototype